Saturday, 19 July 2014

A Sign to Fill My Sky (Summer Rain)

"Among His signs is that He shows you lightening, a source of fear and eager hope..." (Room, 30:24)
Source: Kelin Gray (Over the Co-op Building, Manchester)
It was the 21st Ramaḍān, in the last third of the night. Manchester's close and sticky heat wave finally broke and the sky roared with thunder. Every few seconds it got louder, almost making sure you don't mistake it for a man made racket. I closed the light and went to my bedroom window to look out, my thoughts instantly with the people of Gaza and any other war afflicted country where roars like these meant panic, fear and death. It seems to have been a collective reflection as, while I stood, statuses were filling my Facebook feed echoing the same thoughts.
"Thunder and all I can think of is F16 over Palestines and the sounds that of bombs"
"Alhumdulillah for shelter. The mothers in Gaza are mourning and it's not thunder that's blasting in the sky!"
I felt like the timing was just too precise, the thunder just too loud, that this was a reminder from Allāh for us to step out of our shoes and see our situation for what it really is.  I was comfortable and safe in the shelter of my home. I was safe - can you ever put a price on that?
"Among His signs is that He shows you lightening, a source of fear and eager hope and sends down water from the sky..." (Room, 30:24)
The clouds burst and rain began gushing down, an instant prompt to make du'ā while they are mustajab (guaranteed to be answered). All night I had been making du'ā for myself, for my loved ones. My du'ās spread to include those who weren't rejuvenated and inspired by the thunder they were hearing. In that moment of darkness in the still depth of the night, I felt Allāh's presence more intensely. I knew He was listening.

Fajr time came and before I settled myself into bed, I opened my curtains to watch the spectacle of Allāh outside my bedroom. I could now see the flashes of lightening without the constant roars of thunder. I lay in bed watching in awe as I drifted to sleep.

I have always loved watching storms from the security of my own home. The grandness, the power and our total lack of control leave me in wonder and with a sweet sense of comfort. Allāh is in absolute, ultimate control. He calls the shots here and all we can do is trust in Him and let go. It makes you feel kind of free.

And that's essentially what Tawakkul (trust in Allāh) is, isn't it? Knowing that Allāh orchestrates all of this with exact precision and wisdom. It's easier to see in the sky which is all big and out of human hands, but it applies to everything else as well. Whether it's a people being squished by oppressors corrupted by power or not getting that dream job we thought we were perfect for. We are tiny creatures who weep and throw our arms about in frustration, limited by our vision. We are not able to look at the situation from above the stormy sky, outside of the boundaries of space and time.
"Among His signs is that He shows you lightening, a source of fear and eager hope and sends down water from the sky, bringing the dead earth back to life by it. There are certainly signs in that for people who use their intellect." (Room, 30:24)

Source: Tom Nokes (Royton, Oldham)
Allāh can bring the dead earth back to life. No matter how hopeless a situation seems, Allāh can transform it in a way our human minds can't even comprehend. We need to trust in the One who can fill the sky with light and bring down rain that keeps the whole earth in balance.

Allāh fills the world with signs for us to remind us He is here and He has a plan that will bring everything right. So keep holding on to hope.


  1. This is such a good blog post mashallah.
    Can't believe I slept through this and missed the opportunity to make dua!

    1. It was really loud. You must have needed that sleep, Hannah! Allah's gift to you.

  2. Jazakullahu khayran for sharing this Salam in Wonderland. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Gaza.

  3. This blog post was just what I needed after spending the weekend penting up frustrating feelings of hopelessness over news from Gaza. I now realize that feeling was because I (embarrassingly) forgot to put my trust in Allah. That He (ta'alla) is even *more* aware of what's going on then anyone else. Despite what's happening, no one can ever stop His Justice from coming to pass. Jazkillah khairun for helping to put things in perspective.

    1. Jazak Allahu khairan for sharing! I think we're all in the same boat. May Allah give us the Tawakkul to trust in Him and act in whatever way we can to help, knowing the results are in His hands.